YouTube Bans Stefan Molyneux for Hate Speech


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Well guys and gals, it is a sad day. Youtube has banned Stefan Molyneux for so called hate speech. Various leftist website are rejoicing while labeling Stefan Molyneux a white supremacist.

I have been a subscrtibr of Stefan Molyneux for several years, and never heard him say anything that would be considered racist. On of the roles of a philosopher is to talk about topics we may find uncomfortable. Just because a topic is uncomfortable does not mean it is racist or sexist.

The honest truth, the left does not want to talk, they want to dominate. In their opinion, everything is racist so there is no need in talking about it. Anything that does not agree with them is wrong think and must be suppressed.

Hopefully Stefan Molyneux will be able to find another outlet for his videos so we can continue to discuss various topics.


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I completely agree with you.

Personally on basis on what I've seen from him, I find Stefan Molyneux to be a egotistical character. Just a little to full of himself. That's my opinion.
He definately did not deserve to be banned. The whole PC trend is slowly but surely censoring people from expressing themselves and thus taking away their freedom of speech and independent thought.