Will Taiwan be China's Poland?


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It is just a matter of time before China exercise its strong arm on Taiwan. The communist government will not allow Taiwan to set an example for pro-democracy activist.

When the communist government of China finally has enough of the "one country two systems", and strips Taiwan of its Democracy, how will the rest of the world react?

I suspect a lot of nations will talk big, some may even end free trade agreements with China and move their factories back, but no nation will declare war on China.

The one thing China worries about is economic unrest, as it causes civil unrest. Tensions will continue to build until something happens.

Came across some videos from Australia talking about the war posturing China is doing. The commentator compares China with 1930s Germany. In an era where "everything" is a Nazi, it is difficult to take comparisons seriously. However, China is causing a number of border disputes with nations like India.

We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. When the real wolf came along nobody believed him. Since President Trump was elected people have been calling Trump Hitler, and comparing the GOP to Fascist. When the real wolf comes along nobody will pay attention.

I fear we have been desensitized to aggression's by nations such as China. Modern youth view communism as a good thing, so will young people make excuses and downplay with China is doing?

Then there is the manufacturing issue. The world is hooked on cheap Chinese products. Free trade has destroyed our ability to wage war with a super power. We do not even make a lot of our brake pads, wheel bearings, smart phones.... here in the United States. We can not even build vehicles without parts from China.

The good news is nations such as Australia and India are starting to wake up to their dependence on China. Will the United States government be willing to hold China accountable when something happens to Taiwan? I seriously doubt it.

In our quest for profits we gave our factories away for short term profits, which will hurt us in the long run. This is one of the differences between the United States and China. Wall Street thinks about the next quarter, and China thinks about the next decade, or the next half century.

First it was the toy factories in the 1970s that moved to China. Then, over the course of a decades president after president slowly destroyed our manufacturing base at the urging of Wall Street. In the 1990s as Bill Clinton signed free trade agreements with China we were assured free trade would create jobs here in the United States. Now can not not even build a computer, or a microwave without China.

I seriously doubt anything will change as Wall Street is addicted to cheap Chinese labor. Moving factories back to the United States would mean companies would have to pay a fair wage, which means less bonuses for management.

So what is the end game? Chances are the rest of the will will continue to suck off Chinas tit for cheap labor. When we mention China invading Taiwan, all China has to do is cut off our supply of smart phones. So we trade our morals and ethics for play toys.