Why is main stream media so biased?


Staff member
Believe it or not there was once a time when main stream news media reported the news, then let the viewer (or reader) make up their mind. Over the past few decades something has gone terribly wrong. Todays news media pieces are filled with opinions and weasel words. For example, when a news outlet uses a word such as terrible, or bad.. etc, that is an opinion piece. Who says the action was terrible or bad? Those are subjective terms that do not apply to everyone.

Maybe it is due to education? Maybe todays so called "journalist" are not taught how to write an article and leave certain words out? Or maybe the goal of the article is to sway public opinion? If the goal is to sway opinion, then they are no longer a true media outlet, they are a tabloid.

Or maybe it is a feeling that the writers opinion means more than the readers, which simply is not true. When we go to the ballot box everyones opinion is equal in that we get one vote.