Why is Jesus hated


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Something I have always wondered, why do so many people hate a man who preached love? For the people who seek to discredit Jesus and claim he never existed, why try to destroy a person who taught us to love each other.

It says a lot about a person who tries to tear down the preachings of love and tolerance. If we take love and tolerance out of society we are only left with hate and anger.
Liberalism has done so much to destroy the traditional values of Christian America. Jesus, unfortunately, is a casualty of the destruction.


It's not really Jesus being the problem. It's the incessant proselytizers trying to declare that without Christianity there are no morals or ethics.

Religion should be a personal choice and not be abused by those that don't believe in that faith. It goes the opposite way as well. If religious folks were more Libertarian things might go a bit more smoothly.