Why do women settle for low paying jobs?


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One of the differences between men and men, men are typically more willing than women to work dangerous high paying jobs. For example, less than 10% of construction, maritime, and mining jobs are held by women. If we turn those numbers around, men hold more than 90% of construction, maritime, and mining jobs. Typically these are higher paying jobs than say retail.

If progressives want true income equality, why are they pushing for more women to go into dangerous jobs?


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Women now of days are entitled. They believe men owe them something like top spot at any job available, its a joke just like most of modern society.

If A woman wants to climb up the ladder at her job then she A) can earn it like a woman (on her back) or B)earn it like a man , which requires hard work and due diligence. I do not believe women have the constitution to work as hard as a man without impulsive emotional behavior.