Why are Democrats protecting the name of the whistleblower?


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Our legal system is founded in various principles - right to legal counsel, right to bail, right to a speedy trial, right to a jury of our peers, and last but one of the most important issues is a right to face our accuser.

For some reason Democrats want the ID of the whistleblower to remain secret, why?

Without President Trump being able to face his accuser, there is no way for him to get a fair trial. When we are accused of a crime,

Let's be honest, Democrats know they only way they can beat President Trump in 2020 is to remove him from office. In other words, Democrats are undermining the Republic.


Because he's guilty of taking gofundme slush money for his protection even before Justice has looked into him, in violation of government statutes.


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Impeachment is a several step process I think.

The inquiry phase, which is what they are doing now in the House, and then the trial phase which is conducted by the Senate, which will surely squash it quickly if they even agree to hear the case.

So the legal defense and all the rights to face one's accuser don't really kick in unless and until it gets to the trial phase.

Also, the whole thing is just another desperate attempt by the democrats to regain control and invalidate the vote America had and will have again in a year. They can't win at the polls , so now they try this latest "shitt show" as aptly described by Lindsey Graham.



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President Trump can pretty much throw a dart at a map of America , show up and have 50,000 screaming fans in attendance.

No Senator with a brain in his or her head or with any plans to get re-elected, will want to be seen attacking the President over this

minor issue, which I think boils down to political optics spin doctoring of one of the many hundreds of phone calls trump makes in the course of conducting his office.

And the real issue here is that Biden and his son got caught bargaining their political influence for wealth, and our President was rightly asking the Ukrainian President to look into the corruption.


We just need the Justice Department to quit dallying or worrying if it is safe, and start bringing charges against the Bidens, Clapper, Comey, et al.

Put these pukes on trial too, but with prison as the threat.