Why are Democrats focused on impeachment?


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Watching main stream media and various video bloggers such as Tim Pool and Styx Hexen Hammer, Steven Crowder... we have to wonder why are Democrats focused on impeachment.

Let's be honest, Democrats do not have a viable platform. Besides open borders and welfare for immigrants, what are Democrats talking about? Their sole platofrm is they are not Trump. This brings up the question, why aren't Democrats addressing the issues?

  • Fair and balanced trade
  • Healthcare costs
  • Cost of higher education
  • Infrastructure
  • Internet access - and not throttling of traffic
  • Welfare reform
  • Access to healthcare in rural areas

There are great number of issues addressing people all over the nation Democrats could talk about, yet they refuse to. I have yet to see a single Democrat address any major issue except medicare for all and immigration.

What is stopping Democrats from talking about fair and balanced trade with China? Maybe they do not want to step on Chinas toes? If the trade issue is not addressed with China, factories and our technology will continue to go to China. Yes a trade war with China hurts certain segments of our nation, but it is something that has to be done. Yet no Democrats are talking about it.

Rather than opening borders, why not address the poverty in Central and South America? The drug issues south of our borders creates problems here at home. Opening borders is not going to address those issues.

Why are Democrats focused on impeachment? Because they do not a platform besides free stuff.


I think that Trump has defanged many of their middle of the road issues or are hamstrung on internal party politics to offer a consensus. All they have are a lot of either boring or radical issues. The healtcare debate is to battered and bruised to make into a clear message. Women's reproductive rights are too polarizing. Republican positions on education have a broader appeal. Welfare reform is dangerous and overshadowed by a strong job market. Messing with college loans messes with big bank donors and messing with campus costs threatens their political farm team system. Broadband access and infrastructure are important but extremely dull or too technical for too many. Trump has taken over trade and actually making progress. The best solutions south of the border involve intervention during a time leftists hold many of the Latin presidencies.

It seems that every issue has a potential hidden trap for Democrats.

Moderates who can appeal are being pushed to the side or ducking for cover. While the radical kids are having a blast playing Don Quixote, the pragmatic adults spend their time wincing.

I think that the smart Democrats should shift tactics to old school freedom and libertarian issues. Crazy as it sounds the #MeToo and genderqueer issues are their safe bets right now.


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Democrats main characteristic is to sell influence and access to the US Government. China, Russia, The Ukraine all pay money to our congressmen or make payments to their charities (Clinton Foundation).
Also they clearly accept money from the drug cartels to oppose the wall
They also sell out our government treasury by promoting uncontrolled illegal immigration. Obama was flying them in from Africa, getting them apartments, giving them government paid credit cards, you name it.
Trump is putting the brakes on this activity.

Democrats have used a term to describe how they remove opponents from office. They "use their tools" on them.
Clearly, ownership of the US News Media is one of those tools.
And a ready supply of "victims" willing to come forward on demand is another.
IRS investigations, yet another.
Control of the entertainment industry is yet another.
Activist courst that are fully subverted is yet another.

it is getting difficult to see any difference between them and the Mafia, except the Mafia actually does some good. :)
I have a question. When discussing politics why do so many people rely on framing the opposition as some corrupt evil cabal? Is this a forum for political discussion or a forum to trash liberalism?