Who started the China USA conflict?


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Back in the 1970s and 1980s there was a saying, "You never do business with communist." We threw that saying to the side when China offered cheap labor.

Now consider this old saying - "A man finds a sick snake. He takes the snake home, takes care of it, and doctors it back to health. One day the snake bit the man. The man asked the snake why did you bite me? The snake said dumbass I am a snake."

China is doing what communist governments do. So it is our own fault for doing business with a communist. That is one of the many faults of capitalism, we will sell the hangman the rope by which he will hang us.

In our quest to reduce costs, the United States government allowed our factories, and a large portion of our nation debt to fall into Chinas hands. Our situation is our own fault. You play with snakes you will get bit. It is not the snakes fault as snakes will do what snakes do, it is their natural habit.


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have commies ever done anything good, or ever contributed anything to society? Have they ever been supportive of capitalism?


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It was a critical part of the NWO plan.

I remember hearing and reading about the new world order plan back in the 1990s. I am not sure if what we see today is along the lines of what was planned back then.

In the 1990s I heard the new world order plan was to take the manufacturing wealth from the United States, the redistribute that wealth across the world. This would bring millions of people out of poverty through relocation of factories.

What we see today is centralization of wealth in China. Rather than manufacturing factories being spread across the world in poverty ridden areas, manufacturing is centralized in China. This has provided China with a economic and technological boom so the communist party can further its vision of world dominance.

Part of the new world order plan worked in that the middle class of the United States has been decimated. No longer can someone finish high school, go to work in the local factory for 40 years, buy a home, have a family.... then retire. Jobs like that are still out there, just few and far between. Rather than Americans having those jobs, Chinese workers are funneled ito work camps by the tens of thousands. Rather than buying homes, chinese factory works live in dormitories housing thousands of workers living slave like conditions.


I mostly agree. They made money off the cheap labor overseas and they will make money off loans to rebuild the US economy too. But, I don't think of the plan in the past tense; it is still in progress whether we hear the term anymore or not.