When San Francisco ignored petty theft


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What happens when cities ignore petty theft? Let's take a look at San Francisco and what happened there. Criminals walk into stores, take what they want, and the store owners can do nothing about it. If the police are called, the police do nothing.

Some people may say, "People steal food to survive", and at one time that was true, but not today. The United States has a social safety net that helps ensure nobody goes hungry. The exception are the people who refuse to look for work. Thus the question, if someone refuses to help themselves, why should society help them?

Drug use and petty theft affects the entire community and not just those directly affected, such as the store owner. The store owner has to raise prices to cover theft. So the community as a whole enables theft and crime.


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This is the basic Socialist society where those that have nothing prey on those that have. Next is tax payers footing the bill for these retards. oh wait you are already footing the bill.