What's up with the Weather?


Biden did say we were in for a dark winter. But I don't believe the globalists can control the weather. We've had these huge comma shaped storm systems stretching from Canada border to the Gulf one after another. It's frequency that I notice more than severity here, but some places like Texas do have severe effects. No icy stuff here (since it's coming from the Gulf, ie South instead of West) but we're all tired of the rain. If it had all come in a shorter time, I think it would rival the 1000 year rainfall 5+ tears ago.

Winters seem to have changed since I was young. Now the normal is alternating between rain and cold, with very little snow or sleet because the moisture clears out just before the cold winds start. Currently, just nearly endless cold rain, hovering a few degrees too warm for snow. Maybe it's all normal, but it makes me wonder if the elites are using weather to control us. Nah, not possible.