What will a Beijing Biden presidency look like?


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What will a Beijing Biden presidency look like? All of internet trolls celebrating Biden winning and Trump losing have no idea what they have unleashed.

The biden crime bill from the 1990s gave minimum prison sentences for the smallest of crimes. His attitude was to lock everyone up. There are numerous videos of him making speeches in the 1990s about crime.

Gun control - one of the first steps to communism. Look for Beijing Biden to push gun control

When he was senator Beijing Biden voted for every free trade agreement. People who voted for Beijing Biden voted for someone who destroyed the middle class by giving our jobs to communist China.

Career politician so Beijing Biden is out of touch with the everyday blue collar working people.

Beijing Biden makes racist comments. Over the years Beijing Biden has made numerous racist comments, even some comments recently.

More government regulation that will drive up prices.

Beijing Biden promised to repeal the Trump tax cuts, which will raise taxes on everyone.

Beijing Biden said a strong China was a good thing. He never said a strong United States was good.