What is Globalism?


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Globalism is the ideology of wealth redistribution on a global scale. The idea was to give our factories and technology away, let nations develop capitalism which would bring about world peace. The goal was to give people in under-developed nations the ability to own a home, have a family and provide for that family, thus keeping them happy. As long as someone can have a home, food, and a family, they are less likely to revolt than starving peasants.

On the flip side of the coin globalism allowed companies, and wall street, to exploit low wage nations. Rather than paying an American worker $10 an hour, plus benefits, plus have to pay into social security, pay workers in asia or mexico $1 an hour and be done with it.

While the planet has enjoyed an unrepresented era of peace, besides minor conflicts, we have nations like China who are posed to dominate the world market. So I am not sure globalism will provide the long term peace that was originally thought, or maybe we are building towards a massive global conflict when a nation like China centralizes power. Rather than peasants revolting against the government, and the conflict being internal to that nation, there is a chance nations will revolt against China. Perhaps we are seeing this with tensions between India and China.

If you wonder why people in their 20s - 30s own less wealth today than 2 generations ago, thank globalism. Wealth was sent overseas to prevent some peasant from revolting and ideas of communism from spreading.

My personal opinion, globalist saw what happened in Korea and Vietnam with peasant uprisings and the spread of communism. Rather than having to fight a vietnam every few years, let's give those nations factories, modernize, and give people a way to make money. Thus forming a middle class and giving peasants less of a reason to revolt.