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With the posts I made here I think anyone who would read them would get a proper warning about the "health" system and that these posts are quite useful, even potentialy life saving. This too I would like to write about the politics behind healt "care": they're running publicities saying that depression is a disease, and for example, back in the days dysenteria refered to sickness vaguelly, nowadays, they kept dysenteria as some weird parasite and put all the rest under hepatitis a thru e, covering any inflamation of the liver (which isn't what I have had all this time but something else on the side) and they don't have a cure for any of those, hepatetis apparently goes away after a few weeks, but here's the catch and why I'm writing this: these organisations are working really hard to establish the fact that there is this or that disease, therefore justifying the forced support/management, unconsentual hospitalisations and so on. And there aren't too many programs one can take in universities either, psychiatry is one of the most fashionable ones, especially among women. I don't want to sound sexist, but since the 60s everytimne there is a feminist rally in north america, they hike the health workers, education workers and so on salaries, and these guys have fast created some underclass that's flat on it's stomach. Back in the days, say in the 1920s, women used to look like mommies on their way to a funeral, I mean, that men forced them not to excite or arouse them, and that's a problem with men, same as men not being as able generally as women in art. Nowadays there's some loby showing nude women with their legs spread in children's art books and flashing suggestive images in the media, and that's something that helps men take their hole. If you're a man and can't deal with that, the best advice I have for you is to do nothing and not get aggressive. Other than that, it's high time they bar anyone from using chemicals and "medication" and unconsentual hospitalisations and I hope that will happen. They process/torture people there, these doctors and their acolytes are a threat. Simply doing nothing, especially in one's teens, can trigger a doctor's attack and a schizophrenia invention, and there's no recourse in the machine against that, it's you versus all of them and all the system's weight, it's a terrible battle. As for me I'll do my best, I think by now if people read my posts they'll get the warning and be smarter.