United States First Month in 70 Years as a Net Petroleum Exporter


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There was once a time when drilling our own oil fields was frowned upon. It seems those days are behind us. Why was drilling our oil fields frowned upon? In the 1970s and 1980s a decision was made to tap into overseas oil supplies in the hopes of conserving our oil. As with just about everything else new technology has come along.

For the first time in 70 years the United States is a net petroleum exporter.

Hopefully a lot of that went to nations like Germany which depend heavily on oil from Russia. A lot of hype has been made about Russian influence on western nations, but little has been discussed about Europe being dependent on Russian oil.


We had to support the growth of the Saudis as the #1 oil exporter to cement the petrodollar foundation that keeps us as the reserve currency. With that in place we control the IMF as well. Now that Arabia has more capacity than they could ever need and their desire to diversify we can export again and keep Russia economically flat with trouble exporting their own oil. It also takes the fat economic target off Arabia and let them play neighborhood control games. This in turn keeps Iran flat without making Arabia the linchpin target to knock out. It's a huge tangled web created when we shook hands with King Saud ages ago. It's why we kill others when Saudi renegades run planes into buildings. It's loathsome and ruthless, but it allows "our team" to control the money and the energy. Note that we also control the food and the guns too.

People rightly complain we fight wars we shouldn't be sending boys too. But is one of the legs that holds our table up. Our boys go off to war to keep the US as the sole superpower.