To fix manmade climate change we would have to start over


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What does "start over mean?" It means since the vehicle was mass produced in the early 1900s cities were built around mass transportation. Rather than building grocery stores within walking distance of neighborhoods, super grocery stores were built on the edge of town. The simply truth is, tTowns have not been built for people to walk anywhere.

There use to be a time when people had to live within walking distance of their job, country store, post office... etc. Rather than building smaller stores all over the town, larger stores were built to handle more people.

A big question, even if people could walk to a store, would they? Let's say the store was just 100 yards away, chances are they would still drive their vehicles. This brings up a dilemma of not only the way our towns are cities are build, but also our mindset. Entire cities and towns would have to be rebuilt, which would create far more pollution than it would fix. Then there is the mindset that walking or riding a bike is better than driving.

In essence, society would have to start over. New neighborhoods would have to be built with a local grocery store people could walk to. Maybe even a neighborhood post office, or a neighborhood government building. Each neighborhood would be its own small town.

Then comes up the issue with local people raising local food to be sold in the neighborhood grocery stores. Rather than shipping food halfway around the world, grow local, and buy local.
People today want easy. Drive to store, buy what they need, go home. Fix food. Eat food. Wash, rinse, repeat. Folks don't want to take the time to grow their food.