The murder of George Floyd was an inside job


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I cannot prove this.

However, I definitely believe that it was an inside job - and by that I mean they specifically chose a black man to be killed by a white cop. It is worth noting that the other 3 cops which were at the scene (who were also minorities) were not letting any bystanders intervene, and I've heard they even threatened them for trying to stop the cop from murdering him.

It's possible someone had dirt on the cop who killed Mr. Floyd, and forced him to murder this man in order to start a race war.
The devil (satan) is at work in the current US government, and is trying to divide the nation further and create hate.

Jesus taught us to love thy neighbor, to turn the other cheek, to love thy enemy; Martin L. King JR would have said the same thing if he were alive today. The response of burning down small businesses and attacking white people is not the solution.

I am not sure why they would fake something like this, I am only certain it is fake (and an inside job, like 9/11). My guesses for why would be, as I already mentioned, to create hate and make us hate our brothers & sisters, or to control us more since people are getting tired of quarantine.

Another possibility (and probably the truth, or at least part of it) would be because of election year: they create problems that these politicians can PRETEND to 'fix'.

Either way, police brutality towards blacks isn't a myth - but it is largely over exaggerated.


The way he looked right at the camera and still kept the knee hold without reacting seemed a bit odd. His booking photo looks like a younger guy to me - it reminded me of Tim. Even if this was not a staged setup, it has been capitalized on just the same.