The 2020s: Coming Decade of Crises and Turmoil?


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The world has experienced an era of peace the likes of which have never been recorded in history. Yes, there have been conflicts in the Middle East, but hose have been going on fro thousands of years. Even dating back to before the Egyptians and Romans there was constant warfare in the Middle East. Besides the Middle East, the world as a whole has been at peace for a long time.

I suspect that is going to change over the next decade.

China is nation building in Africa. We are talking massive construction projects - everything from roads, to ports, to government buildings.

The United States is in political turmoil after the election of President Trump, and the possible reelection in 2020. Fascist Democrats have made it very clear they want a one party government and will take whatever action they have to in order to interrupt Republicans.

Turmoil in Central America continues to grow.

Europe is being flooded with an ever growing waves of illegal immigrants who refuse to adapt to their host nation laws and cultures.

Middle Class in the United States still looks generations away from being fully restored to what life was like before free trade with Mexico and China. Even though President Trump is doing what he can, the next president will probably backslide on any of Trumps progress.

Iran is strengthening ties with China and Russia. Which means any conflict with Iran could possibly involve Russia and China.

China is making progress on its Belt and Road project, which will tied China in with Africa and Europe. No longer will Europe have to wait on cheap Chinese products to be shipped, as they will soon be transported by train or truck.

The true threat to peace is economic instability, not just in the United States, but also in China. If developed nations enact tariffs on Chinese products and civil unrest happens, China has more to lose than the West. The world has seen first hand what China does to protestors.

2020s will be an interesting decade, not just for the United States, but for the world in general.