Surviving the attack of the doctors


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Have you ever thought what would happen if you got caught with dirty clothes or walking by the street, or if you were homeless and the police got a hold of you? First thing they check is: what do you look like? Do you look respectable? Honorable? If not, they send you to the hospital. (If yes they'll probably take you to jail or give you some kind of fine)
Advice number one: never sign anything, don't trust the hospital!
If you were gullible enough to sign their admission sheet thinking you would make things right, you're in trouble: that's where they take you to the mental department and lock you up there.
At that point, anything you say has no value and you can't establish any facts, you're simply stuck in a bear hug. At first they'll check if you are stable and make sure you're not defending yourself by means they call diseases: they'll check if you know the date and try to make you panic. They'll check everything out about you in the background and contact everyone, same as when trying to get into the army: they check everything and collect all the crap people around you have to say about you. And they'll keep you there indefinetly until you get the idea to get out of there somehow, they're not going to respond until you make a serious official request and refuse to see doctors or actually escape (which I did) or make a fuss. At that point, probably after giving you some kind of harmful chemical "treatment", they can keep you for 72hours before seeing a judge. It's them versus you and they'll pretend you're an horrible danger. It's the procedure and you're on your own as an outsider, so you don't have normal rights in court and everything is secret because it's about a person's integrity, and they're planning to "take care of you".
The court appearance.
At that point what they ask for is either a psychiatric evaluation which they have 72hours to do I think, or a forced guard, especially if you made a fuss, for something like a month. The chances of winning this are almost nill. And they get the most dominating figure, the one usually responsible for your drifting away in the first place, to witness that proceeding. At this point the judge establishes the facts. In psychiatry, with the doctors, especially the generalist ones, they only talk about your feelings, never facts. At the court you are not allowed to use notes, they say it has to come from your memory.
If they got a psychiatric evaluation permission, they'll have to go back to court to lock you up. Being badly dressed, away from society, having people talk crap about you is enough to cause a disease diagnostic. You can be sure they'll find something and present that in court as "experts". These files are kept secret, as with forced injections, there are no statistics and it is common that they ask for the 72hours for the evaluation, ask for the guard, and send you back to where you came from with an injection and an order for more over a year or two, and if you don't present yourself for the injections the police goes to your home and grabs you! Know that such defamatory medical files are kept forever and diseases such as "psychosis" (which is a natural defense and reaction) are considered permanent and to these guys they can resurge at any moment. The court documents are also defamatory. They are basically processed like dangerous outside writings and activelly countered.
After the evaluation there is the second court appearance for the guard.
At this point they get the people involved, like the police, to talk, then these people leave because it's confidential, then the dominating figure in your social surroundings, and then it's your turn. You can't use notes when talking in such proceedings, you should still prepare your defense making notes using the wax pencils that they let people have there. Try to emphasise you're not a danger and can manage your things: judges base their decisions on politics and social importance. Honorable: adj. 1 deserving of honour 2 of great renown 3 accompanied by marks of honor 4 doing credit to the possessor 5 characterized by integrity.
So it's not about arguing that you should have a right to walk by the street or anything like that: democratic assemblies elect judges, they're of no help in human rights issues or personnal freedom issues. Modern democracies owe their freedom to Native America and it's almost limitless riches, not Greece.
At this point you'll surelly be ordered kept locked up for your safety and that of others. That's when the nightmare begins. They'll be threatening to take your belongings because you can't manage them… Giving the power back to those dominating figures that made you dysfunctionnal in the first place. It's a case by case thing, and they don't have to let you out. They even show up with the leave papers pretending they'll let you out and just go oink! we're not letting you out! I think it's their procedure to push people. They'll probably try to trick you into signing blank papers and everyone in your surroundings will know you're "sick" for the rest of your life.
The chemicals they prescribe cause muscle debility and shrinks the brain: you'll basically be turned into a noodle for being a threat. Their statistics are as false as their weather reports: in my area people got tired of the government weather report being systematically 5 to 20 degrees celcius too high and they got the school board to cancel transportation based on real thermometers: when people's thermometers would show -35, the weather station and radio broadcasts would show something like -15, this was 30 years ago and it's still the same to this day. The same goes with their "medicines" which have long term negative effects and are tested on people who are unhealthy and don't notice, then used on people that are not allowed to establish facts. I went from being a renowned athlete to being basically a flab.
I did not understand all these people I saw wandering at the mall and coffee shops when I was younger: why don't they get a hold of themselves? Why don't they work out? I did not understant that man who showed me a picture of himself when he was younger and was rambling all day about the injustices of the system with his pals. Now I do!
Watch out guys and be prepared for the worst.
Claude Carrier