Supreme court lets lawsuit against Remington move forward


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This topic has been in and out of the spotlight since the Sandyhook shootings. The bad news, these lawsuits could not only drive gun companies out of business, but could have long reaching negative effects on national security. With gun companies out of business who will make small arms for our military? Gun control groups will say "The military are the only ones who should have guns." Besides the whole to keep and bear arms issue. the military does not buy enough guns to keep companies in business.

The honest truth is, if the private ownership of AR-15 rifles is abolished, the US government will have to spend more money on small arms to keep companies in business. There there is the issue with tooling in times of war. During World War I and World War II the US government bought arms from numerous gun companies. Anyone that was able to make a gun submitted a bid. This allowed the nation to scale is small arms manufacturing up and down during times of war.

Without civilian purchases of small arms, gun production will be very limited, which means no scale-ability during times of war.