Slavery has returned to Africa


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The Kingdom of Dahomey, now know as Benin, was made rich by selling blacks into slavery. Blacks were captured, brought to the city, sold, then shipped off. After the United States and England set up a naval blockade to stop shipments of slaves, the buying and selling of slaves was abolished.

Now the world sits idle as young girls are being sold into slavery once again. Various African nations became rich selling slaves in the 1700s and 1800s, and now the same thing is happening again.

Perhaps the world should ask its, why is Africa so willing to sell their own people into slavery?

I know this is a tough question, but it is one that should be asked and answered.


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Yet whites get the blame for slavery.

Perhaps it is easier to ignore the facts than face the uncomfortable truths.
Islam is more responsible for the slavery whites are blamed for. They and African leaders sold the slaves to whites who did profit from it. Slavery has touched everyone either from involvement or being enslaved.