Right Lives Matter


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The Left hates the statement "All Lives Matter", and I fully agree with them. All lives don't matter. Leftist lives don't matter. Only Right lives matter.

Who supports "All Lives Matter"? Cuckservatives do. Who but a cuckservative would be concerned about the lives of their enemies who want them wiped out? The biggest problem of the Right isn't the Left, it is cuckservatives. To explain I need to do some political analysis. Please bear with me, this is important.

To really understand what is happening politically, one needs to study political maps. Here is an excellent article about political maps. You must read this article to understand the rest of this post. The article points out the flaws in typical political maps like this one. Then it presents a much better map, the pointillism map. Study this map carefully. It should be clear that the Left controls all population centers, and the Right is always fleeing into away from population centers. If you have any doubt, zoom in on any city in this map. I couldn't find one population center whose core isn't controlled by the Left. Can you?

Okay so why is this? One may argue that cities naturally attract the Left for various reasons. While this may be true, it doesn't explain why ALL population centers are controlled by the Left. For this condition to be universal there must be some fundamental force that causes population centers to become Leftist. Now I will propose an explanation of this.

In America today there are basically two political forces: the Left and cuckservatives. Now imagine a population center that is majority conservative and assume that they elect a cuckservative government 90% of the time and a Leftist government 10% of the time. When the cuckservative government is in power, they focus on things like order, quality of life, and rights/liberty/freedom. These policies benefit everyone in the area equally and so the population grows. When the Leftist government is in power, they focus on things like raising taxes, increasing regulation, and teaching degeneracy in school. These policies are particular repulsive to Rightists, so Rightists leave the area. In other words, cuckservatives have a neutral effect on the political composition of the local population while Leftists move the political composition to the Left. So Leftists will initially have a small effect since they are only elected 10% of the time, but as the shift occurs, Leftists will be elected more often and so the process will accelerate until almost all Rightists are driven out of the area. This dynamic can fully explain why all population centers are Leftist.

Why does this matter? Because population centers are political centers. With the Right driven out of population centers, they are powerless and control no significant region. If some rural Rightists got together and created a successful population center then the process that I just described would cause this population center to become Leftist.

What is the solution? Actually it is very simple, just copy the Left. The Left understands that we are in a civil war. This is why all lives don't matter. This is why one must be ruthless with the enemy. When the Right complains about Leftist riots destroying property and killing innocent people, the Right is being hopelessly naive. This is what happens in war - property is destroyed and lives are lost. It is the Right that is at fault for not fighting back in what is clearly a civil war.

Now let's get concrete. How should Right start fighting back? First pick a small conservative city like Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and move there. The government will probably be cuckservative. The goal should be to replace cuckservatives with Rightists. But the Right doesn't have to wait for political power to start to act. Rightists should read Rules for Radicals, the best book on political organizing ever written. The Right should aim for both political power and to drive out Leftists at the same time. The Right should organize Right Lives Matter protests designed to make Leftists (democrats) as uncomfortable as possible to encourage them to leave. March with rifles and Confederate flags. Demand that democrats take a knee to the Right. Harass Leftists as much as legally possible. And encourage as much bad press as possible from the mainstream media to discourage Leftist from moving there.

On the political side, the Left has brilliantly demonstrated that the most important position to capture is the district attorney. A Rightist district attorney can have a policy that no crimes against democrats will be prosecuted. Those who commit violence against democrats can be rewarded with consulting contracts from the local government. The primary job of the local government is not to promote order, quality of live, or rights/liberty/freedom. The primary job of the local government is to make life hell for local Leftists. In a time of war, one needs to focus on winning the war.

Of course higher levels of government will oppose all this. But America is still decentralized enough for this not to matter. If the Right takes control of the local government and this government ignores the rulings of higher governments, there is little that these higher governments can really do other than sending in the army which would start a full scale civil war.

I should also address the moral question of violence against Leftists. The purpose of a government is to serve its people, not serve all of humanity. The Right needs Rightist communities in which to live. Leftists (democrats) should not be considered citizens of these communities, and therefore they are not protected by the rights that these communities give to their citizens. Leftists are basically illegal aliens who need to be deported by whatever means possible.

I also want to stress that the Right must clearly distinguish itself from cuckservatives. Only a cuckservative would defend America in its current condition. So instead of screaming "USA" the Right should scream "Right Lives Matter". Instead of the American flag, the Right should fly the Confederate flag. Instead of calling themselves "patriots" they should call themselves "rebels". The Right must clearly distinguish itself from cuckservatives in the public mind.

If the Right succeeds in taking control of one population center, then it can focus on taking over other population centers that are nearby. Success would breed more success. The end goal of the Right should be to establish defensible Rightist regions where the Right can live in peace. Let the Left have the rest of the country and do not interfere in Lefist areas since these are none of the Right's business. And in fact the Right should thank the Left for making life unlivable in Leftist areas which will drive more people to the Right and cause these people to move to Rightist regions, thereby increasing their population and strength.