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The reason for this community is due to the excessive censorship on mainstream sites, such as reddit. Anything with a conservative point of view instantly gets voted down. How are people suppose to get their voice out when sites like youtube, reddit, facebook.... etc, censor certain content.

For example, facebook has been removing posts with the whistleblowers name in it, why? We have a right to face our accuser, and the president is no different.

This free speech forum is a place for everyone to voice their opinion without fear of censorship.


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OP was good, but then this thread went down the turlet. I see I'll probably need a huge ignore list here too.

This forum got off to a rough start when people found out I had started a new community. They joined with the sole purpose of trolling.


Yep, people would rather crap on a good idea as to address what they have a problem with it.

Some of the lefties naturally think that the very existence of this place offends them. This is why you see reactionaries on the right starting to emerge.

Welp, the leftist that just wants this place dead simply because it exists might see a new America emerge. Conservatives are by their very nature will hang back before engaging. It's a basic flaw that allows the radical part of the left run rampant. Ironically, the part of the left willing to engage the right is a bit too conservative to denounce their fellows. I suppose the quieter end of the right is just as guilty on their side. So the extremes get to romp and sow chaos.

I'm sad it came to this, Libertas. You made the good faith effort.

But you don't have to suffer those that intend to play on your allowances by thinking this is the SB DS of old, without boundaries.

You are the Root. This is still your home. Those on the left want to engage honestly can be welcome. The radicals on either side who see chaos as the best tool can be told they wore out their welcome. So Bye.

When people talk about left and right I'm reminded of the old William F Buckley and Gore Vidal debates of my youth. Buckley is a cornerstone of the original 1950s conservatine Republican movement. Gore Vidal was an unapologetic bisexual progressive. Of the two, Vidal was honestly the more intelligent. A towering intelligence. Any conservative would pee his pants having to face him and Buckley was both brave and damn smart. Buckley survived Vidal by being careful and focused. I don't used the word "survived" lightly either. But Vidal would be appalled by the left today. He'd call them blithering idiots. Vidal was actually one of the rare Libertarian liberals, with all the philosophical impossibilities that position entails. Like the Founders that chose an unnatural philosophy by basing it on extended logic, so did Vidal, even if it didn't match the Founders' vision. He also didn't hate America either. He claimed ancestry here from before Independence. He wanted to change America but he didn't insult it or want to see it brought low.

Those that see Vidal as a leftist icon can debate with me. They are wrong, naturally, but they rate a voice. They occasionally point out where the right is honestly failing and needs to adapt. My soapbox needs reminding at times where I've gone a bit utopian.

Those trolls reading this thread that can grab their bootstraps and can engage brain to make their point can have some impact to those that actually think.

If all you trolls think that talking is a waste of time then there are 17 million Americans with high combat skills and plenty of real ammunition just waiting to be pushed too far. The US military veterans corps is the largest and well supplied army on the planet, and it leans to the right. The radical left should take Tojo's advice to heart. Don't create the chaos that finally mobilizes us. Nothing short of nuclear winter would stack the bodies deeper. Just because we are reluctant to move won't change the outcome if it happens. Sufferance is a transitory ephemeral condition.

Learn to play nice with people.
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Joe Nobody

I was a member of a site years ago where the mods allowed themselves to be used by some leftie degenerates.

I was laid off from my job of many years back in 2009 and spent a lot of time chatting while out of work.

I came into chat one day to find a couple of regulars upset that some old members had been banned for silly reasons.

When I tried to discuss it with the mods I was banned and shortly after the regular who had met me in chat was banned.

A member that I didn't know that well who came to chat occasionally had followed the group to another site and he invited me to DSB because I could take a joke.

I have to say, the people who have hung around over there can take it as well as they dish it out unlike those at any other site I have ever joined.

Most people get upset when you disagree with them but not so much at DSB.

I have racked up an impressive post count there and have never received an infraction or ban.

The ones who run the place will remind members occasionally to mark a new thread as NSFW if it will be so they don't open it on their work computer or in front of the kids.

I have to say, it has worked out very well there for such a small dedicated group.