Outbursts Plaguing Classrooms


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This video documents outbursts in Oregon, but the problem is nationwide. Children are not being taught discipline at home, and that resonates in the classroom. Talk to a child today and when replying to an adult what words do they use? Yea, no,..... instead of yes sir and no sir.

We can not expect children to act like animals at home, then go to school and follow instructions.


Didn't have that problem in my day when the result was getting your ass whacked by a coach with a paddle big enough to play stickball with.

They say it damages the child's personality. Yes, it does. It is supposed to teach the repercussions of fear and pain. Done right it is measured to inflict a small mental wound that reminds them that there are limits to free will. Maybe if they realize that a teacher doesn't have to take their crap then they might realize that neither their future boss or a cop does either. You need to be careful with corporal punishment, but ditching it completely is almost as bad as overdoing it.


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This stuff goes on because of progressive bullshit and their policies that reward bad behavior. Things like letting minority students do almost everything like they are entitled to ruin everyone's education. The Parkland shooter skated because of these policies and ended up killing 17 people.