One if by land, two if by sea


I was thinking what if anything I, or we, should be doing now, just in case things go wrong. Donating money is out, because I don't have much, and I don't necessarily trust donations to do any good. Burying guns is out, because I don't have enough to spare, and because the best places would likely be inaccessible at the time they're needed.

So, I thought of this: a thread where people can post if they see something. Be sure you check the option for email notifications. And don't depend on me to post reports. I'm fairly isolated and not likely to be a able to send an early warning. Keep this for things that you see or experience personally in your own area, not just a MSM news story you hear or see online.

Of course, the internet could be shutdown or power turned off at the time, so there's no guarantee we could even get on here. But it's the best idea I've got for now.


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Personally I think everyone has the right to defend themselves from violence and assault. That being said, I wouldn't feel safer owning a gun. If the government or any other elite establishment decided to use the threat of violence to demand complete subjectation, I don't think a few handguns or shotguns will stop the armored vehicles from rolling through.

I think the most important thing here is for people to stand shoulder to shoulder protecting each others rights and come together undivided. In the end the government should serve the public. When a scenario arises (wich it has) where we are censored from information, pacified to an extend that we can no longer protect ourselves from fascism, then it's time for the government officials to stand down and be replaced.

The moment a government would "defend" their right to govern with the threat of violence, shutting down sources of information and attacking the health of the people they are sworn to protect and serve, you are living in a fascist nation.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" - Jiddu Krishnamurti -


Jeff, my idea for this thread was, hopefully, to post reports, like alerts, of what we see happening. I'd appreciate it if the general discussion is posted in another thread. Thanks. (But I'm just a member so I can't enforce anything.)