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I was wondering where to put this. But I am curious if there are any members here who make the connections with mandatory vaccines, economic crashes, COVID-19, politicians who are elected before the people elect them and the list could fill a book.

I'm grateful that this forum excist and feel a bit stupid for only finding it out today. The truth is I'm not a big fan of technology, although I use it as a tool, so all the social media hype, smart phones etc. all went past me. First because when I grew up I had to do everything myself and thus never had the finances to affort al these technical gizmo's. The irony is that because of this I did a lot of research from books and magazines, rarely the internet since I didn't had it at my direct disposal, I found out about the health dangers but mostly I started monitoring social behavior around technology. So these days it's a conscious choice.

This brought me to David Icke's book "Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is an Illusion". The beautiful thing is, when I finished the book in two days I didn't learn anything new, instead everything written in the book I already knew. It was one of the key moments in my life that took me out a quiet depression and made me feel happy who I am. It was the "Phantom Self" and the "Perception Deception" that really gave me a clear global picture of the insane evil that is festering our world.

Thanks for reading this and I like to add I am pro active in healing this world, I am willing to help all that need to in a non violent way. Feel free to converse or critise me if you want to!

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"


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You would be pretty good at thinking outside the box. Of course things connect. How any group sustains itself is no different from organic experience. Sometimes when oppression is too strong, the only way to go is thru healing, love and acceptance and so on, and indeed these phenomena are real. Fundamentally, people don't know what they are doing or how they came to be there. It's like the old saying goes: "humans can do whatever they like, in the end, it changes nothing, and if they go wrong, the Gods intervene". And it shows how lucid the Romans from whom the saying came were. Note that the emperor was correctly seen as divine and had a religious college and so on; the basis of human servitude is religious. Someone who had suffered a yoke was considered religiously inapt for battle. Indeed protestant christianity is a problem when it upholds such dogma as "man": it produces doctrines. When our freedom is taken from us or when we are dominated, we are not really ourselves, being stuck called a man is oppresive, it results in machine like organization. It's not dificult to see the powers at work underneath it and how they opperate: basically at this time, they're the social services. And these guys are armed with chemicals, they have the power to sequester people, they operate in secret, they lie, they have diplomas and do good, and they're personally unaware of what others in the same machine are doing. If you are on the outside, they let you down like you should come from nothing and the land belonged to them, and they close their doors, it's "with us, against us or we'll get involved as soon as you go wrong, and we're looking everywhere!"; they're always looking for the next injustice to intervene, and they want a world-wide organization. They make up diseases on you and take away your rights and freedoms until they take you down into becoming a saint or disable you with chemical injections. I'll provide an explaination:

The army garantees 2 things: a roof over your head and food. But what happens if you don't follow along and leave? Or are dominated there? Or when a certain unemployment rate is set as acceptable to keep the musical chair game going and the economy rolling and that you fall into the "take a hike" category? Why do you think Japan has a 0% unemployment rate? Because it doesn't have an army, it's systemic. In other areas, when you are outside, you fall into a grey area where you are considered leading covert assistance and lies.

Doesn't matter though, since dark characters moved to Tellonym and Lipsi instead.

Its the classic catch 22. Sarahah promised anonymous messaging, but also had to enforce their rules and regulations. The only way to do that, would be to expose the people using the app. And so Sarahah was built for anonymity that it could not deliver....
It's a voluntay cat and mouse game. The social services do have blocked call services and surveillance means in a larger sense. And when it gets outside the box, they lie and confront as a policy. It's the aproach they took in Afganistan. The media is a strictly reguated machine operated by people formed by the system. There was that video on youtube about how to make one's internet connection anonymous: every single one of these solution has been disabled.
5) The US is the reason for free trade/low prices across the seas
It's not that simple. Yes the US had something like 95% of the world's industrial capacity at the end of ww2, but they set up the Breton Woods system. They give low exchange rates to poor countries to transfer industries there, and that doesn't just come by itself: it comes with the whole global system along. All the important strategic industries and resources and such are not transfered just like that, only consumer goods and such. And the political systems, armaments and such are closely monitored in a global perspective. By the way: if such a thing as armagedon was plausible, it would make a whole system that progresses by fire plausible, so it's nonsense. The Romans knew this: they had the Sibyllian books for that.
And we have to speak out against doctors: don't think these guys are good or smart, they're just more involved in the system. They litterally feed dogs pills when they bark to keep them quiet and use antibiotics for simple flu: doctors are there to keep people down. And they think they are there for good.
Medical files are kept secret.
Everything that touches on personal integrity is censored. All religious material is monitored: it's either defamed, falsified and removed from circulation, or requires approval. It doesn't take Merlin to see what they do to so called schizophrenics (which is a made up disease) and the implications. Just look at the picture on wikipedia "Cloth embroidered by a person diagnosed with schizophrenia" in the article schizophrenia. Almost all hospitalizations in theses cases are forced. Homeless people have to go thru the medical process and confirm they are not a threat to be eligible for shelter.
If they make up a disease on you or exclude you, they don't give you the power of association. They take away your rights. They force chemical injections to make you harmless. They use technological means, scans and research to enforce man.
Psychiatry and all it's ramifications are shit. Quote from Freud himself when he sent his disciples to america to teach psychoanalisys: "I brought it the plague"; he was fully aware of the ravages he was sowing. The sex and entertainment industry is used to wash the problems that the social workers want to be shown to the rabble: how could one engage in sexual activity and complain at the same time? It's a contradiction, and they keep wasting people's time and blinding people with what should not be exposed. It's not dificult to see the history behind this and it's religious origins: the virgin Mary, the celestial father and his son. And the cover-up about Hieroglyphs: if one is in addoration, such symbols are produced; they're not made to designate bags of wheat you imbeciles, even if these symbols degenerated into such a practical use.
Just read Fischer's story "I was tortured at the passadena jailhouse", he was a chess world champion that got thru a false arrest; true events that show how the system works as a machine, one could almost be grateful to the police for behaving the way they did and take the story out. Fischer: "On numerous occasions I was threatened with being sent to a mental hospital for observation". Even he couldn't deal even with the mere threat of that. Fischer: "Then he promised to send me to the judge that morning": haha: these mock procedings are kept secret and the files locked up, the odds of getting out of this are almost nill, and they do that on those already on a drift. Why do you think they kept a torture center in Guantanamo bay? Why do you think torture is not illegal? Why do you think they hide injustice in their own system and not elsewhere, that's "why?". Everything is covert. And let's not even get into the inner experiences that he reported later and that are true yet interpreted incorrectly. Let's not underestimate the possibilities and the listening means, only the homo normalis is basically blocked from these experiences.

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