Muslim Community Patrols have NYC residents alarmed


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Video says New Yorkers are "shocked" about reports of Muslim Community Patrols patrolling the streets. I guess the people who are "shocked" have not heard about this same thing happening in England for several years.

In England the patrols enforce Muslim religious laws and harass people who listen to music, dance, drink, attacking gays.... etc.

New Yorkers should be concerned about these patrols as they will only expand.


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Islam is an intolerant, totalitarian, violent, and relentless religion/ideology. The Holy literature, the Koran, Hadith, and Sunna are all literal obligations and commands. Muhammad is the first and last word. He said he had completed Islam and it means it cannot be changed. Islam attacks us (non- Muslims) on every plane of our existence. It is in our schools, it is our media, and it shuts down criticism by calling it blasphemy or us Islamophobes.

The public needs to be educated and Muslims need to be challenged on a national level about the violence the religion sanctions and the hate it teaches. Civilization jihad is well underway and it needs to be recognized and halted, The truth about Islam may help accomplish that.

I am more than capable of sourcing information that proves everything I have said.