Maybe we need a global day of Thanksgiving


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Maybe the world should take an example from the United States and have a global day of thanksgiving. Regardless of religion, race, color, sexual preference.... we all take a few minutes and give thanks on a day of peace. Different factors of Islam would set their differences aside, palestinians and jews could stop bombing each other, and sit down for a meal.

While it may sound like an outlandish idea, maybe we need to stop and ask ourselves why war and violence still exist? Why can't people live in peace with each other?

Personally, I think the problem is with the governments and not with the people. Chances are jews and palestinians want the same thing, and that is to live in peace.


Immigrants take right to the tradition when they come to the US. There is no real nationalistic or pagan or religious aspects of the holiday strong enough to offend any demographic, except maybe anorexics.

I don't think we should hope it brings world peace, but exporting it might add a days of a relative breather and reflection that might cool the drama down a degree or two.

There's really no downside to exporting it.