Main Steam media lies are tearing the nation apart


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Even if Biden has a stroke during the debates, and is on the floor having a seizure with blood coming out of his ears and eyes, Democrats will declare with victorious over Trump. Is there any limit democrats will not go to to defend biden? No matter what Trump does, it is wrong, and no matter what biden does it is right. Main stream media cries wolf 24/7/365.

Unbiased news is a thing of the past, but democrats leave out various facts and lie more than right leaning news. For example, women are told republicans want to control their bodies, which is a lie. We want to protect the innocent unborn child. Society should protect the most innocent, the most vulnerable.

Several years ago the trump administration voted against a breast feeding policy presented by the world health organization. Main stream media ran with the story that Trump was anti-breastfeeding, and was bowing to the baby food companies...

Main stream media left out important topics from the WHO policy, such as women having to get a doctors prescription to buy baby formula.

This bias in the main stream media is dividing the nation. I suspect the BLM and ANTIFA violence we see is a direct result of the lies main stream media spreads. Typically, leftist get into an echo chamber and refuse to read or watch anything coming from the right. This creates a dangerous group-think mindset. The victims of this mind control by main stream media slowly become brainwashed into thinking Conservative Republicans are racists, or even Nazis.

While on the flip side Conservatives will read and watch videos from both sides of the isle. This allows us to see two different sides of the story.

Where does this leave the nation? With large groups who refuse to listen to an opposing opinion, think they are right, and are willing to commit acts of violence against those who they think are their enemy.

The true enemy is biased main stream media. To turn the nation around we need truth in broadcasting and ethics in journalism.