Lot of anti-Trump propaganda on TikTok


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For those of you who do not know about TikTok, it is a lip-sync app for short videos. People can make all kinds of short say 10 second long clips with various music already on the app.

Something I have noticed lately is a lot of "Impeach Trump" types of videos. It is usually people pointing to various text on the screen while lip-syncing to a song. If you click on the comments, the comments section is typically loaded with "impeach Trump." Maybe it is the age of the people making the videos? They seem like your typical ill-informed zombies who repeat what they read on sites like CNN, huffpost, motherjones, salon... etc. There seems to be a total disregard for the facts of what President Trump is doing.

Since TikTok is owned by a Chinese comapny I would not put it past the Chinese Communist government to use TikTok to spread misinformation.

What would the Chinese Communist government gain from getting President Trump removed? A president who is willing to accept imbalanced trade agreements, like wht Clinton, Bush, and Obama did. Since at least the 1990s China has enjoyed a trade imbalance where they could export more than they import. When President Trump came into office he was the only president in a generation to address the trade imbalance with China.

China is afraid of economic unrest, as their would lead to civil unrest. The longer this trade war goes on with the United States, the more likely the Chinese economy is to take a nose dive. The one thing China will not tolerate is Chinese citizens rising up and civil unrest.

So if the Chinese government could use an app to spread misinformation, they would probably take advantage of it.


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Like I keep saying, nothing good is on TikTok!!!

TikTok also has a lot of right wing stuff, too. It's not just a liberal app.

Also, a lot of "sexism jokes" like women getting back in the kitchen, making sandwiches, etc.

Definitely isn't just for new-age liberals.