Leftist media fueling hate and civil war


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I find myself dealing with feelings of hopelessness and despair. Not just because of COVID-19, riots, protest, fake news, economy, partisan politics.... but all of it combined.

States are partially locking back down, and the cooler winter months are just around the corner. There is speculation cool weather will allow Coronavirus to live longer in the air. I am concerned we may be facing an ever growing pandemic.

Fake news is fueling partisan politics. Someone on my facebook feed shared an article to Forbes that had a clickbait title. Once you read 3/4 way through the article it became clear the title had nothing to do with what was said. The article republicans would cap the next stimulus checks at families with 40k a year income. The author took what Mitchell McConnell said totally out of context. But unless someone was willing to read the entire article they would jump to conclusions based on the title.

News article said today there were 1.3 million new unemployment claims, which are fueled by states shutting back down. This is very depressing news that millions of people are being affected every week. The number of children wondering how they are going to eat is staggering. The parents who lay awake at night trying to figure out how they are going to pay their bills tears at my heart.

Major cities are edging towards lawlessness with people being shot in the streets. One man was holding his daughters hand when he was shot.

The absolute worst news that I can not even consider is, what would happen if Biden is elected?

I keep telling myself this is just another election year so of course tensions will be high. The communist / fascist / socialist left is growing more vocal ever few years. We have already reached a point where certain political beliefs are treated as a crime. The hate speech thrown towards conservatives increases every year. Now with cancel culture if someone says they believe in certain things, the left goes after their jobs, their families, their friends. It is no longer as simple as respecting each other as the left is waging a culture war on the right.

I feel the United States is going down a path that is slowly tearing us apart, not just with racial tensions, but with left and right ideologies.


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All of this is the inevitable result of the decay of the American people. As the American people become increasingly stupid and degenerate, it is only natural that they will believe nonsense like the covid hysteria and support insanity like Black Lives Matter. Worrying about politics makes no sense because politics is just the symptom. The underlying cause is the decay of the people.