Lack of exposure and different ideas


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One of the issues with our education system is a lack of exposure to different ideas, concepts, ideologies.. etc. schools in the United States are a straight through flow system. A student is placed in the flow, like a river, and there is little deviation. Yes we have so called "electives" students can pick, but those electives are narrow options.

How are students suppose to know what they want to do with their lives when they are exposed to so few experiences in the education system?

When I was in high school I wanted to be an anthropologist. When I finished high school there was no guidance in how to follow a career in anthropology . In fact, the only guidance I had was from my parents who wanted me to go to college. But go to college for what degree or field of study? My math is not good enough to be an engineer, and blood makes me squeamish. Long story short ended up going in manufacturing. After being out of high school for 9 years I went to college and studied computer information systems.

The options in high school and local community colleges were so limited I feel it had the effect of dumbing down students.

A solution would be to have classes that expose students to a wide range of studies. This would provide students with ideas on things they would like to do with their lives.


Or let their parents expose them via home schooling the electives and internet classes for the core basics. Parents may not have the resources that public schools have, but they are better able to grasp what their children are really interested in and able to go further in a narrow niche the kid seems really interested in. One thing school districts could do if we move to an internet based education system is use a few leftover schools to teach prospective home school parents on how to get the most bang from internet education and where to find specific resources for child interests outside the core basics. Use the closing of schools as a graduated feature to get home school parents up to speed on educating and how to cope with this new home setting arrangement that leaves a parent at home. Maybe keep all the Home Economics and Cooking teachers on a few more years so that parents can polish those home skills first.