Kamala Harris LIES


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Here are Kamala Harris’ top seven lies from her VP acceptance speech:

Lie #1: “The president’s mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”

Lie #2: “Just look where they [Trump and Pence] have gotten us… Millions of kids who cannot go back to school.”

Lie #3: “Six years ago, in fact, we had a different health crisis. It was called Ebola. We all remember that pandemic.”

Lie #4: “This virus has impacted almost every country. But there’s a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation. It’s because of Trump’s failure to take it seriously.”

Lie #5: “Trump is also the reason why millions of Americans are unemployed.”

Lie #6: “He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.”

Lie #7: “Because of Trump’s failures of leadership, our economy has taken one of the biggest hits out of all the major industrialized nations with an unemployment rate that has tripled as of today.”