Impeachment leaves working Blue Collar States in a pickle


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A term that is not used very much is a "Yellow Dog Democrat." The term means they would vote democrat even if a yellow dog was running on the ticket. However, with the democrat party moving towards socialism, and President Trump balancing trade and creating jobs, this leaves blue collar democrats in a difficult position.

Should working class Blue Collar Democrats vote against their financial interest and vote for impeachment? President Trump is the first president in probably two generations to address fair and balanced trade. The result has been the lowest unemployment rate in maybe 50 years.

Voting to impeach President Trump means going back to the quid pro quo where companies reap the reward of cheap overseas labor while the middle class is left out in the cold.

During the 2016 election, how many working class Yellow Dog Democrats voted for Trump? Chances are a lot of them. They saw the writing on the wall with Hillary and voted in their financial interest. When representatives and senator go back to their home districts for reelection, hopefully voters will remember how their elected officials voted against Trump and their jobs.

Then again, keeping people poor typically means they will continue to vote Democrat. So to reverse the economic gains President Trump has made, elected officials have no other option but to remove Trump from office. After all, there is little chance Democrats will be able to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections.

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