How long will BLM / ANTIFA terrorism continue?


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It should be obvious Black Lives Matter has been taken over by anarchist, fascist, socialist and communist (the three ISMs). Those groups are using Black Lives and social justice as an excuse to spread fear and riots. It appears they seem themselves as revolutionaries, much like Lenin, who's goal is to overthrown the United States government. They see capitalism as a disease and the three ISMs as the cure. The only option is to bring about revolution and topple the system.

The question is, how long should these trouble makers be allowed to spread their filth? How many riots do we need, how man buildings have to be burned and destroyed before the public says enough is enough?

Main stream media plays the riots off as "peaceful" protest while turning a blind eye to the violence. Then again, dirty laundry pays the bills.

This brings up another issue, and that is the topic of main stream media portraying political opinions as real news. Unbiased news is a thing of the past. How are we suppose to get real unbiased news when media outlets are pushing an agenda?

Do we have to wait until the BLM / ANTIFA terrorist attack congress, shoot elected officials, assault officials on the streets? Because that is already happening.

Black Lives Matter should kick the terrorist out and get focused back on the issue of black lives. As it stands right now, the organization is a terrorist organization that has been hijacked by communist.

Fascist, socialist and communist use violence to bring about change in a free democracy / republic. If the people of the republic refuse to vote certain ideologies into power, those groups then use violence to force change. From there, they form a one party system. We are seeing antifa and blm promote the very thing they say they are fighting against, a one party system brought about with violence.
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