How long will appeasement of China continue?


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Neville Chamberlain said something along the lines of, "Appeasement was not only the right policy, but the only policy if we are to avoid another terrible war." This was referring to Hitler.

How far will the world go to appease China before we say enough is enough? How many prison camps, accusations of organ harvesting, and ethnic cleansing events have to happen before the world stops appeasing China? There are already warnings being sounded in europe that China is the enemy. China on the other hand is telling its military to prepare for war.

My personal opinion, when nations such as Germany, United States, India, France.... tells China we no longer need their cheap labor, China will have to do something too suppress civil unrest due to wide spread unemployment. We were warned about the dangers of free trade back in the 1990s after Bill Clinton signed GATT and allowed China to join the World Trade Organization. It has taken almost 30 years, but those warnings are coming true.

The world appeased Germany, allowed it to build its military, which eventually led to World War II. Now the world is appeasing China, which is following the same path as Germany. The only real difference is Germany was Socialist and China is communist. I fear the end results will be the same. Eventually China will take military action against a neighbor. After all that is what communist do. Why do we think Democrats are warmongers? Because they are communist disguised as democrats.

Rather than taking a military route to world domination China is taking a financial route. If things continue the world will be sub-servant to China, and by our own hand.