How is veganism better for the planet than eating meat?


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Someone explain how shipping fruits, veggies, nuts... half way across the world is better than locally grown meat and eggs?

There are areas all over the world that do not get enough rainfall to grow trees, but can grow grass. These plains have historically been a place for buffalo and horses to roam. In other words, those places are perfect to raise cattle.

What happened in the plains area when the local vegetation was destroyed to raise crops? The dustbowl came along. With that example, how can we think replacing native grasses for cattle can be a good idea?

Then there is the carbon footprint of shipping food halfway across the world. How much carbon does a ship produce crossing the sea? Surely it is less than eating locally grown chicken and eggs?


Veganism is custom made for soy boys like Iamzeke.
Glad I could be a reason for you to bother showing up. But maybe try join the debate that was offered, mkay?

Vegetarianism is as old as civilization. Veganism is just a modern fake religion for folks who feel that they have to join a cause and trumpet the fact they are trying to do something positive. It's a derivative of the participation trophy. Just doing something good isn't good enough. There must be bells and whistles included to convince themselves the effort was worth it. They can take the simple satisfaction that they helped someone a bit farther down the path. Talk to a Buddhist vegetarian sometime and then speak to a SJW vegan. It's like night and day. One has a formidable inner strength that isn't wise to test, while the other you just want to grab by the face and shove them to the dirt.

Humans are omnivores. Always have been. Why deny reality unless you can't deal with it?