For equality we need more homeless women


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On Amazon Prime video watching United States of Tents. Around the 16 minute and 42 second mark there is a statement saying only 39% of the homeless are women. If women want true equality then they should bump those number up to at least 50% of the population.

So how many women are going to volunteer to be homeless for the sake of equality? Surely women from the progressive left will jump at the opportunity to be homeless for the ideology of equality?

Linda T.M.

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Men are too stupid to survive , women do not commit as much murder, do not partake in as much violent crime, do not rape or commit mass murder anywhere near as much and we also do not end up homeless as much. Its pretty obvious men are more primitive and lack real survival instinct or these numbers wouldnt be so one sided.


Women are homeless less often because they prey on men to survive and yank the ripcord when they see their gravy boat sinking.

All I have to do is appear to be an easy free ride and they give up the only thing I want from them and then leave them before they tie me down.

Without their wasteful consumption ways I'm free to keep all my hard earned treasure and avoid skid row.

Women are mostly gold diggers and use sex for a shovel. They put that shovel out front and it's easy to take from them.