Falling Birth Rates in Developed Nations


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What is causing the falling birth rates in developed nations? Some people blame it on women putting their careers before having a family, and that may very well be a part of it. Others blame it on the hook up culture that young people currently enjoy.

However, others blame laws that benefit women which cause men not to want to get married or have children. For example, take Floridas lifetime alimony law. Who in their right mind wants to pay their spouse alimony for the rest of their lives? Another factor is laws that were passed to benefit women are now being used against women. As women make more money than men, it is the woman who is having to pay alimony and sometimes child support.

Then there is the feminist movement which may seek to empower women, but at the same time drives men away.

So why is falling birth rates and issue? By the time someone starts working, spends 40 years contributing to Social Security, then retires, inflation has ate away just about everything the person contributed. We need young workers contributing into the system for programs to stay viable. Without a population that is above replacement rates, government programs will go bankrupt.
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What is causing the falling birth rates in developed nations?
Moral decline, money, and propaganda hyping that decline. Hungary is doing something about. Marriage and children gets one Hell of a tax break. The more children will eliminate all the taxes. Our young people are in debt. They cannot start a family.


The fact is we don't actually need a rising birth rate for most natural reasons. The problem is we predicated our fiat money schemes, stock market, and ponzi scam social services on the need for ever more workers and consumers in the market place. This low birth problem is natural otherwise when we have far fewer infant mortalities and longer lives. You only need a lot more warm bodies when you have open and arable land to exploit.

The real problem isn't declining birth rates, but explosive growth in mud hut nations where all the arable land is already under cultivation. Capitalism would ultimately adjust to lower birth rates if these poor nations would quit breeding out of control. But taking in economic refugees allows the broken economic system to delay institutional changes.

This is FDR's fault for going with the Keynesian economic model. Hoover should have been reelected. Jesse H Jones had already put in motion all the needed fixes for the Depression and things would have resolved themselves in Hoover's second term. Instead we got FDR promising freebies at a rate that would have made even Obama blush. Once FDR realized the cost of his programs he pushed for the constant birthrate growth model to cover the impending shortfalls.

Japan struggles in the global marketplace because of the Keynesian model competition but at home they have learned to deal with declining birth rates via technology and robotics. They ran out of room a long time ago and need a static population count. America could pour 50 foot concrete barriers on the border and refuse all economic refugees. Then we would need to adjust to static birth rates and keep automating. If the US did it the other major economies would have to match our economic model because of our marketplace dominance. Then these 3rd world nations would have no relief valves for their explosive population growth and be forced to deal with the problem.