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Here are a few precisions on what I was writing earlier about the psychiatric procedure:

"they run tests while people are asleep on injected drugs": they take scans to support their made up diseases claims, which are then taken as expert proof, meaning everybody believes you are sick without you knowing it, especially the judge (you don't have access to the documents) and rationalizing they are right and being "suportive". They don't reveal such scans, including in the medical file the victim can ask for from the hospital that is different from the actual hospital file that they use to beat you down. I still went to the radiology department years ago and asked for mine which they frustedly gave me.
About the structure of this whole thing, there was a show on tv that showed a procedure where they had new recruits in the army do the following: every reruit had to take the phone, call their parents and tell them: "I'm in charge of this now, don't ask for news or anything" and had to hang up like that.

"I got turned into a noodle": no, I'm not making stuff up, and here's a description of what's happening: when they let me out of the hospital
(I got sequestered there twice, once many years ago, once lately as described earlier), I had much trouble running; I have been a runner since
17 y/o and have hardly missed a day of training in all those years, winning medals in competitions and also lifting weights... I could manage after the hospital sequestration to run maybe a kilometer or two, which is abnormal, being very low on energy, and I started getting blood in the stool, and yet gradually I managed to pick myself up and cut frommy diet whatever exacerbated that problem: in the end cutting everything except a few items that are very plain. If for example I do something I really shouldn't, say eat peanut butter and cheap ground meat (never been reactive to those before that) it feels like a chemical surge and a fever
in the insides and generally, and I then have blood in the stool and general weakening for many days, even having to stay in bed. And gradually
it just got worse. I worked for a year after that unconsentual hospitalization incident in a mine doing physical labour, and at lunch every time had blood
in the stool, eventually they got tired of me there and basically got rid of me. Note that the community won't talk to me, exclusion and ridicule
are a daily thing. So in fact I should have basically died from this thing, but with all my experience, plus being a perseverant person, I could manage still somehow. Trying to know what is the problem, I looked into 3 possibilities lately (I even thought of worms but it's almost imposible and there are no symptoms of that I think and I buy water at the store, plus I don't think it would be because of the few wild plants I infused): 1: back then before the first sequestration, on some rare occasions I mixed alchool with energy drinks, so I called the anti-poison center: they're saying it couldn't be that, at worse I'd get a heart attack. Of course these energy drinks are a multi-bilion industry, everybody knows they're terrible for the health and damage articulations, cause ups and downs and various numbings, but nothing official. 2: what happened when I was asleep on injected drugs? Since it is their purpose to incapacitate people who fall into that process, it is highly likely that they would do such things, Fischer probably wasn't just paranoid when saying he was poisoned, was he telling the real story? Probably not. People put down, tone down and distort what happened to them when they are a victim of something and can't talk because of social pressure, in general, victims of crimes never tell the truth. And I think there's even something going on about the matress and knife thing, only I'm not sure what, maybe associated with the sound around there; airplanes? Maybe! Projecting a problem so they're accusing of destruction of prison property! 3: The chemicals they used (for a little less then a month in all including the pills they made me take for a few days after the first sequestration) are: Abilify, ironically and sadly calling that chemical something like that, it's like a mokery, it's designed to incapacitate; Ativans that are sleeping pills that back then they gave systematically and lastly some Haldopheridol compond three times for nonsense reasons to put me to sleep, who knows how they dose this thing, and it can have harmful effects, but I don't think it's that one. It turns out that Abilify is counter indicated in combination with certain foods as it contains an enzyme that can harm the liver and I did not pay attention to that in the time I took those pills, so it could be that and is the most likely explaination. It has all the looks and symptoms of internal hemoroids, and the bleeding, when the problem is mild, happens after the stool, but it couldn't be that: it just doesn't make sense with being all of a sudden reactive to all kinds of foods except potatoes and a few items (can't drink alchool either of course); it almost certainly isn't denutrition, as I have had the problem all these years, even back at the mine, yet if I don't eat enough, or don't eat quality meat before going to bed, I get bleedings. It's not Khron's disease, it doesn't match. Currently being very very careful and buying enough food I somewhat stabilized the problem but at the slightest mistake it comes back. When I ate like 5 or 6 900g Dellisio pizzas in a few days, a side of my face started to swell terribly, almost closing my eye, and that swelling stayed for many days, I never had such problems before, but then again I had never eaten 5 or 6 pizzas in such a short period of time.

When I write that they would just put me down and push me in a corner in the doctor meetings, just breaking me into their mold and making up diseases, it is nessecary to add precisions, as this was writen too mildly previously and the reality is worse and needing immediate action. Some people don't have a choice but to take their pills. First of all, in that short period I was diagnozed with at least half a dozen syndromes and diseases: paranoid schizophrenoia, asperger, development trouble, delusions, rigid thinking, incoherence of the speech, superiority complex, etc, etc, etc... And here's the tragedy in this. About witch hunting and the like, which somebody (Friedrel) with an education from an american university in morals probably immediatly spots: when being put down by the psychiatrists, one of them said interogative, threatening remarks like: "you would know about this now wouldn't you" refering to the deconstruction and reconstruction of language into codes,
and another psychiatrist said in a threatening manner that meant "you're gonna die" or something and "go home": "you can't wait to go home now don't you?".
These guys know how people are constructed, they've had milions of people breaking down into their offices after years of personal efforts reaching for a way out and opening themselves up there, they scan people's inside (nobody should be able to look inside like that and pretend this is this and like that and "oh we're noticing a breakdown here, look at that people, when we notice this the person collapses like this and reacts like that, it's a disease, leave it to us and our injections") nobody naturally wants such processes exposed or discussed, so they buy into the disease thing and dominate the victim into their shell, it's barred by their own beliefs, religious beliefs, to the psychiatrists and organized religions people should be as such as a whole block in their system, and the more subtle they get into their profilings and as they notice distortions, the more dangerous and intervening they get, even following a reference system, all that is imposed on those who "don't know what's happening", have "confused ideas" (quote from a soldier: "a soldier that thinks is a soldier that is ill") and are "failing miserably" (eh no conflict of interest guys!), having "weird ideas" and all (have you ever tried being coherent under such social pressure and threat), who can't defend themselves. They don't accept personal religion. All this wouldn't matter if they didn't force their treatments of course. What to do? You know why those who work in psychiatric hospitals all look like senille deniers? Because they put a type of people down that way, it's systemic! These hospitals should be closed outright and be replaced by welcoming centers with a simple room available to anyone. Internet search engines spit out diferent results according to the operating system and version that send the querries, electronic listening is out of control, governmental and loby psychological actions and subversion are out of control, yes there even exists such psychological action and subversion schools, example: somebody complains about being stuck in a bear hug, send a bear hug ad by mail to hug your friends, love love love! No problem, just ad a national flag on this thing! Buries the thing and turns into profit. Holland has been the world capital of drugs for centuries, it's why they make their protests against government measures there, it's the right that's the problem: they make people take drugs and marginalize others, offering them derisory conditions.


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Here's more for those who like to read or something...
Many people know about all of this, like the underworld: ordinary people are somewhere within that pyramid with the eye on it, they see their pyramidal organisation.
Of course in a social setting where people clench their teeth to make their way up and along the pyramid and refuse to listen to anything because an hysteric is threatening to loose the pedals in a senile rage at the slightest breeze of characterial opposition, will imediatly buy into these made up diseases and maintain their shell.
Tabloids are not less controled than msm, they are more controlled. The internet is more censored than tv. There are no channels to put a
complaint at. These doctors, head of families, lawyers, judges, politicians, business owners can act in all impunity. They can't be sued, they don't care, they can just
hang up and throw the ball elsewhere, the victim just turns round and round. It says in the local paper they dropped the charges on a woman who admitted assaulting a child because she's involved in the community: she's the chief of the native community and the child is ok, so she got away by following a therapy! The government and society know how to deal with such "mental" problems as made up diseases: just send the thing back to where it came from: that person can't manage itself, send it back to the familly. They're like: "hey we're always there to help, what does it matter if one has a million dollars and the other nothing,
it's an "isolated individual" that doesn't work, happy holidays everyone: that person is just broken down into having less rights than a dog and no will of it's own, it's sick: hey , just send it back here says the dominating figures!" The idiocy in this thing, do you realize how easy it is to run a smear campaign like that... The population believes such crap as "russians" sending planes near us boats or "russians" rigging elections: it's called a "put as cause", as in "wasn't us!". You can be sure that in these hospitals they will never ever give a free shelter or a free meal, they throw the ball elsewhere, and those acting in politics immediatly see that they have to bar such a recourse of course, as I read in some book, they call that the heroes's last recourse, so of course they make
sure nobody uses the system that way and in hospitals as anywhere else they just don't respond and then throw the ball elsewhere and elsewhere, putting back the plaintiff in it's place; government and large business workers enjoy doing this, they've long closed themselves to sympathy, never offer a free solution, it always goes back to where it came from with them. More about this going home thing, and having a dominating figure own the place and domicile invasion, it's not for nothing that I'm writing every adult should have a home or be welcomed somewhere. Even dormitories (hostels) in large cities are a money scam, they're a derisory, expensive resource, with like a dozen people per room, it's not livable conditions, and yes derisory, it should be a crime for the system to impose derisory conditions and not allow people to build homes any way they like or access the territory without these hunters, bullies and armed rednecks around.
To help someone in distress, you go along with the person, of course, as writen before, that's where the military monster comes in and blocks everything. If it would just involve me, I wouldn't care: just go underground and half follow along here and there. But I have that problem of associating with bad people when needing to stand out, that's unfortunate... And 50% of people in psychiatric hospitals end up there because of alchool or drugs. Tv is a drug, kids who watch too much tv can't draw, it attacks the imagination, having times with nothing to do is essential to kids. There are regional blocks/censorship, frequency programing, sound pitch manipulation (youtube overlaps sounds with it's own thing, it's why music sounds like crap on there), the army lies systematically, the media is controlled...
What do you think they'll start doing as they continue to prove themselves, as new "problems"
are brought to their attention? You think they'll give you some cash so you solve them yourself? Never. They'll take charge of you and use you as an example of their good will and their nessecary intervention, what could be more profitable to the system than doing a show around a criminal or a problem? It's how they exterminate, they park there and just wait for the next problem to come up and confirm their their position. For example a Russian court sent somebody to jail for 17years without telling what the documents supporting the accusation are, even the guy accused doesn't know! And they jail Jehova witnesses after spying on them and tapping their conversations without them knowing. And plants are more evolved than animals, not less evolved, the animals are the ones who just kept eating each other, even that gets censored, just felt like adding this: yes guys, incoherence of the discourse! Confused ideas! It is confirmed, no doubt about it, I'm sick.


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A few things clicked after writing this:

About that elderly lady at the hospital, she said: "they just made me pass a breast cancer test! Why on earth would they make such a test?!? I don't have breast cancer!" Ok, they would never, ever, in psychiatry, give a free consultation like that, even an alergy test or anything, the hospital was lying blatantly. I also read her court papers, she couldn't read them herself because she was discouraged, and it was the usual defamatory, shocking bull crap saying she was an IMMINENT threat and all. That woman was making a fuss and swearing revenge (like almost all others that don't end up there because of drugs or stupid stuff or are obviously ill) and so they put her thru the usual procedure and surely the head scans. The hospital's lawer fools around mockingly too, in her case they told the story backwards to confuse her in the video conference so she lost and had to stay the extra 3 weeks. She went from swearing revenge to a gentle resigned sheep! She was just being put down like crap by her visitors and a ridiculously military-like intervenant that would be there to make sure she could do her meals and all. She hated social workers and the like because she had a long experience with them. Also it's small towns around here, and there's that other guy at a mine I worked, he said: "I can't lift my arm and have health problems, the doctors say it's neurological"; the elderly woman had the same thing: it's not neurological. Doctors are not credible. Note that in the court paper it says: «Can be transfered to any other establishment that sets up a facility» : in the Fischer case they were doing procedure, and importantly: this thing isn't about a medical place at all, because there is supposed to be a power to heal involved, and a religious question.

Fischer: "I got choked but didn't give in, so the cop looked like he had seen a ghost and backed away": haha, that's when he got considered a threat and a psycho, and got put thru the treatment procedure. About the matress: that's the anti-suicide vest that's in isolation, I got put there 3 times, there's that big vest they put on you there, and the sound is related too, the airplanes do the same, if I do something agressive, they get louder and closer, if I do something they should encourage, they fly by, just by sound, can't see them, sometimes they (voluntarily) leave a fuel trace high up, but most of the time not. They stay out of reach almost all of the time, and when I get to the end of my relaxation walks or after taking a break outside or such things they fly by, just by sound, out of reach, and there's more, but I prefer not to write about it, it's a religious thing. A Catholic priest near where I live somehow knows about it since last autumn when I went to speak with him. Fischer: "they gave me 10$ instead of 9$ when I complained", that's because when they let you out they pretend to be on your side, but like you are derisory, I got laughed at loudly when the hospital called the other day, wasn't the first time, same with other people that were at the hospital, they are ridiculed if they think big or politically. Never trust somebody who has a big education or social standing, even mondain guys like Friedrel, his website follows precise guidelines. Even saying one can just half cooperate and get thru the system like that, half get a job and all, is erronous, the lower down the social ladder you get, the striter it gets and the more people try to elimnate each other, or flip a switch on those lower to get rid of them. The more closely they are watched by small bosses. And higher up, they disconnect, like J-L Mongrain used to say on Mongrain de sel, a show I used to watch when I was a kid, but that guy gave up and took the suit and tie aproach with the eye on the pyramid. And housing is unafordable, it's systemic, the system considers buying a house as signing a social contract, the prices are bogus, they take abandoned housing and land off the market the keep prices up and give despotic power to administrators.