Education system has failed voters


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During the election of obama in 2008, 2012, and when hillary was running against President Trump, I never could figure out why people voted for Obama or Hillary. Voting for Trump was easy; he talked about balanced trade with China, NAFTA, job creation... etc. Obama and hillary on the other had spouted various talking points as if they were reading a script.

For example, when hillary was running against Trump, there was a town hall type meeting where a young lady asked hillary, "When you are president, will a woman make as much as a man?" The question and the answer dumbfounded me as every state in the union, and the federal government all have equal pay laws on the books. So what "exactly" was the young lady talking about? Maybe she should have asked why women work low paying retail jobs rather than high paying construction jobs?

The main part of this post boils down to why can't people take soemthing they are told and apply critical thinking skills?

Another point hillary ran on was putting coal miners out of work. Ok, why? Burning coal is a problem, but putting people out of work is not the solution. If we wanted to address coal, then let's talk to China and other developing nations as China burns more coal than the United States. When hillary said she would shut down the coal mines and put miners out of work people cheered. Why? What are those people suppose to do for jobs?

On the flip side Trump was addressing how free trade has destroyed the American the United States economy.

Why is it so difficult to call out vague statements like the ones Hillary and Obama made?

Rather than asking why so many people voted for hilalry and obama, maybe we should address our education system.


Close the public schools. They are redundant to taxpayer needs. School districts could do it all self pace with modules online. All a school district needs is testing proctor centers for final exams every semester completed. Since it is self pace we won't need a big hall for that because students will finish semesters at different times. Maybe large districts could run a simple module making lab. Toss in a district HQ in a used classroom trailer. Basically the state makes the modules for small districts and in rural counties the county courthouse building could be the proctor center.

Sell all those damn buses. Sell all that school land that sits in the middle of neighborhoods to home developers, and the secondary school on major streets can be sold for commercial property. And then every homeowner sees their biggest tax bill shrink to the size of their water bill. Plus most of the school zones go away, which means less crossing guards and traffic cops, less signage and lights, and you won't be 5 minutes late to work every morning because the fat kids take so long leaving their cars that they hold up traffic. Kids don't get warped into mini-SJWs, and we put one of the biggest unions out of business.

A school in the age of the internet is really only one thing now. Free babysitiing so 2 parents can go ladder climbing at work. Maybe people will quit being baby mommas and baby daddies and be less prone to divorce if one parent stays home, learns to economize, and takes care of the kids.

So much good could come from shutting down public schools, but you can bet the bank on everything stopping once you tell parents to take their child home and actually raise them.