Education is not the key to success

Education or book learning had nothing to do with the success of those people that chose to take another path rather than the typical one (education). People can be successful in any field with the right skills. Book learning has a lot to do with the knowledge a person has, but not with the skills a person has.

There are many A+ graduates out there that cannot get a job, or are stuck working at a place that had nothing to do with their degree. A numerous amount of students in college care more about grades than knowledge; some graduate having forgotten everything they ever learned. So there goes a college graduate with little knowledge and no skills. Can a person like that succeed? No. That's why education is not the key to success. People cannot just go to college and expect that passing classes will get them to succeed. The main thing a person needs in order to succeed is drive, motivation and passion.

He/she has to know what their end goal is and what they need to do to get it. "Commit to the achievement of the elusive goal in your life". The person has to go about learning what skills will take her or him to be successful. One of the main skills a person should have is persistence. A person must always keep going after his or her goal even if it takes.

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I had an uncle who dropped out of school and started a multi-million dollar business.

Some people have business sense and some don't.


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Most successful business' that achieve the level of success such as Microsoft have CEO's that dropped out of college. Education is just a tool, just as anything else that helps you reach your goals. It is not the end all Be all, but it can provide you with useful Knowledge that will lead you to the skills required to be successful.

Linda T.M.

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America doesnt need education it needs more jobs, thats why I voted for Trump. I will be voting for him again in 2020 , just look at the economy.