Dutch Divorce Rate Skyrockets Before New Alimony Law Takes Effect


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Dutch women rush to file for divorce before a new Dutch law takes effect that reduces the length a person can get alimony, Proves alimony should be abolished as it is a tool used for people to destroy families and marriages.

And people wonder why fewer young people are getting married and having children? Who in their right min wants to get married when states have alimony and child support laws that typically drag men through the mud?

Around 85% of divorces are filed by women, which are at epidemic levels. Society should do something so women are not rewarded for filing for divorce. The temporary financial reward plays to a womans ego. Once the bills are paid and the man is free, the woman may contact her ex asking if she could come home. After a woman cheats on her husband and files for divorce she has shown her true colors.

Home wreckers should not be rewarded. Laws should be put in place to punished people who wreck homes and families.