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The Democratic National Committee is financially broke. If we want to look at the big picture, they are financially and morally bankrupt.

Democrats have failed to raise anywhere near what Republicans are raising. In some cases Democrats are onyl raising 1/3 of what the GOP has raised. This shows how small of a population Democrats represent. If we look at the voting maps the vast majority of the nation votes for the GPO while only fringe areas of the nation vote democrat.

Where are the big money liberals donors who are saying tax the rich? Why aren't they giving millions to the Democrat party? Surely progressives in silicon valley can bail the democrats out?


Liked that vid a lot, but party cash and candidate cash are different things. Loss of party cash means losing the weaker races, which should be good for getting Republican seat numbers in the house back up. But singular party favorites in the DNC can turn to their own resources. So getting rid of some of the entrenched strong Dems maybe a throw too far. The idiot types we really hate like Schiff, Pelosi, Harris, and the like we might remain stuck with. At least the 4 noisy "Squad" noobs in the House will not have much cash to protect their incumbency, which means they will likely dabble again in their campaign finance shenanigans and maybe get busted. Whomever runs against them for the Republicans should be waving those UV lights to show off the fluid stains all over the campaign beds so the gals have to spend their campaign time defending their financial irregularities.