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Democrats (communist, fascist, socialist) believe in a one party system. As such, they will not stop until all other parties are driven out. History has proven time and time again they will use whatever measures (typically violence) to suppress ideas that do not fit their model.

In the same ideology of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Democrats are willing to use whatever measures, (e.g. violence, propaganda) they have at hand to force other political parties out of the arena. Black Lives Matter and Antifa will continue their violence against those who dare have an different opinion than their own.

When November 2020 rolls around do not expect Democrats to go quietly. They will contest the election results, and they will fight President Trump at every turn.

Expect escalating violence in Democrat controlled areas, and even in some Republican cities. Chances are Republican cities will put an end to the violence faster than democrat cities. Antifa and BLM will see themselves as revolutionaries in the same image as Stalin, Hitler or Mao Zedong. In their minds eye, Democrat ideology is the only true way.

Chances are the Supreme Court will have to step in and decide the winner.