Democrats will make the same mistakes Hillary did


Staff member
What happened to Hillary during the 2016 elections? Simply put, she refused to address the issues. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember her talking about fair and balanced trade with China. She did however say she was going to put coal miners out of business.

Hillary used fear as a leverage point, such as the "equal pay" lie to attract female voters. Why is equal pay a lie? Because we already have a Federal Equal Pay law on the books - the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Not once did I hear Hillary mention the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Nor did I hear anyone ask Hillary about the law.

On the flip side, Trump addressed fair and balanced trade, and creating jobs.

When Democrats passed Obama Care they cheered making people buy a product they could not afford. When we needed real health care reform, Democrats elected to force people to buy a product. Then they bragged about how great the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was.

In 2020 democrats will make the same mistakes Hillary did by refusing to address the issues facing everyday people.

Rather than saying "Orange man bad", why can't Democrats talk about how China steals technology, and how Wall Street is fleecing the middle class?