Democrats Pushing the United States Towards Fascism


Staff member
Democrats are pushing the United States towards Fascism, or rather a one party system. With every step our duly elected President Trump has taken, Democrats have fought him tooth and nail. Federal courts, especially the 9th circuit, have been used as a weapon against the president. When the courts are not able to act fast enough, rabid gangs attack people on the streets.

The sad part, Fascist Democrats proudly claim they are fighting Fascism, while promoting Fascism. Rather than respecting the different parties, Fascist Democrats fight against the will of the people at every turn.

Even though President Trump was elected President, have sought to remove him at every opportunity they can find. First is was the Russian Collusion, which turned out to be a lie. Now it is the accusations of the Bidens being involved in Ukraine corruption. If the Bidens have nothing to hide, then the Democrats would not be fighting to remove Trump.

Truth does not fear investigation. Since Democrats are trying to protect the Bidens, then there must be something to hide. If there is noting to hide, then there is no reason to remove President Trump.

The Fascist Democrat party is the enemy of the people as they seek to remove a duly elected president. Calls for his impeachment began before Trump was even sworn in. We are seeing the true colors of the Democrat party, and a party of hate it is.