Democrats making a mistake impeaching Trump


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Kinda like a cheating wife who tried to run off with a friend, then come back, Democrats are making a big mistake trying to impeach Trump. Representatives and Senators of blue collar working Democrats will have to go back to their districts and explain why they impeached a president who is creating jobs.

Pick one:

  1. Have a job because of Trumps protectionist policies.
  2. Impeach the person responsible for creating jobs.
Impeaching Trump is like shooting yourself in the foot.

However, do Democrats really have an option? They know good and well they can not defeat President Trump in the 2020 elections, so they are going for a Hail Mary with impeachment.

Rather than working with Trump to better the nation, Democrats are like homewreckers who see nothing wrong with what they are doing.


I know this thread was for the first fiasco but the title applies equally well to this one too.

I found this linked on Gab, but here is the direct link:
Former Capitol Chief refutes basis for impeachment
Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund wrote an 8-page letter detailing the events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6. ... addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ... timeline of events seems to directly refute the Democrats’ claim that the insurrection on Capitol Hill was incited by a speech given by President Donald Trump

I hope DJT lawyers are aware and consider calling this guy to testify (if they are even allowing such this time).


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For the police to do anything, they need two things: 1: facts 2: a motive.
The police is not the, quote from your article, the "intelligence community".
Read: if you have a problem with such an "intelligence community", what do you do? A problem like having airplanes fly by you 10-20 times a day when you go outside or open a light at night, for years, as in more than 5 years? What do you do when they bug all your communications?...
How would you know it? They say hi sometimes; leave a sign that they were there, same as when they screw with the computer programs because they had a social reason to. Say hi, as in "well yeah that guy deserves that we say hi he's bringing something we should meddle with", or "yeah let's help this guy out of the hole"... Say hi as in send an helicopter for half an hour flying by the windows or send the airplanes a little lower so he can see them… Even took a few videos!
Call the government? Haha, there isn't even such a thing, there's this or that ressource, but nobody responsible, and it's in their procedure to do what their procedure says to do, and they don't do anything beside, and I mean, all departments, all employees operate that way, and condescendingly so. I even recorded my calls. Quote from Oh Canada: "the police can't do anything, I'm refering you to provincial services" Me: "what makes you think they can do anything?" Oh Canada getting aggressive: " I'm refering you to provincial services sir…" . Call the provincial services? Need proof! But they only show themselves when they want to! Meaning: these guys have a free hand both in the airspace and electronic activities. Human rights and all that sort of garbage resource that can't do anything and operate within the government's fortress? What next? The RCMP itself? (almost compulsively drew myself erect refering to these guys) Answer: we're not giving you that information, file a complaint if they fly too low or if it's harrasment it's not our jurisdiction, I'm transfering you to lost luggage, click!". They so did on purpose to fly too low and let me take pictures, but that's not the point at all, why should I care if they fly too low? So then, what if you call the police after they fly by the house and cut the darn phone? They tell you: it's not our business. And if you tell them: "well it can't go on like that, do something or I'm calling you back!". That's when their only recourse is the hospital: they asked: "do you want to go there? Should take a day or two"; I said "they could ruin my life but might as well try". And this is how I got trapped there for 15 days narrowly getting a leave. What did they do? Nothing. They just kept putting me down and applying their procedure. I'm not even getting into that nightmare, I got out of there basically with anxiety and stress. They don't care, they're doing their 9 to 5, just aply a bear hug and let people out in the system when that's where their walking, everything else is disconsidered. You are not allowed to establish or present facts in there, it's their strict procedure. They stick with their defamation and lies, and if you keep at it, they'll diagnose something. If you point out at anybody: "you have a designated target and are an IMMINENT threat and considered a psychiatric emergency"; if you keep at it, you are considered an IMMINENT and dangerous threat for demonizing a target, and they present that as "experts" before the judge, and transmit those informations. Oh and something else about the planes, just before letting me out, as in like when they say hi… They were refering to them and asking me questions about what the surveillance had showed! These guys were working togheter! (They weren't even really hiding it before either). And those planes are still there now! With the other ones from the hospital having joined the party! And what do you think happens when the police shows up in court? They go from being nice to: "his house is crap, he's weird, he has strange habbits, Mr. lives alone…". And who does the follow up on the way out of this thing (remember the injections and the forced hospitalisations and all that?) ? A social worker does the follow-up, or a psycho-educator, on a voluntary basis, but what of all the problems you went thru all this to try to solve? You think she's going to care about airplanes? Quote: "they have determined that those are unreal"(!!). An elderly was there because they caught her walking at night! She was perfectly lucid and all that, they were keeping her there for an extra 3 weeks! She was crying and praying all night: shows you the use of those prayers, guess there's an ulterior motive! Some guy tried to kill himself. Some other guy managed to be sent to jail instead after many requests. They make tests and scans while you're asleep on injected drugs! They have permission to transfer patients wherever they want and force tests!
How dumb are those disease making doctors? They have a check list, and they listen to you talk, and they check: oh: irritability; oh: incoherent (!!), oh: hallucinating airplanes. oh: risk of not taking his medicine, oh, and oh and oh... Do you realize how dumb this is? They don't examine facts (that's the intelligence department, or whatever other department, wich they all activate of course): they just ask themselves: is this making him feel good or bad? If the answer is bad, well they do their job as doctors! End of it, 9 to 5!
Here's how this thing work if you haven't gotten it already: why do you think all these bungalows and cities are clean? Why do you think there isn't a scrub blocking the view from the street? Let's not shy away from going to the root of this and warn would be psychotics about organized religions. These guys are walking hand in hand with these "authorities", and they recognize psychosis. Where do you think all these defenceless and confused people logically end up? For centuries and centuries? You think these guys are not as used to this as the hospitals? They've seen it all, all the possible defenses and entries and escapes! There's no freedom of association! The files are kept secret! They are aplying procedure! They are running their show! It's natural to point at specific targets to provoke actions for desperate people, and appear insane. But what if you can't reach your goal or help things? You think you're worth more that those church goers who built these magnificient buildings brick by brick and their sunday clothes and their good manners because you have a problem to solve all of a suden? They're the ones who decide how problems are solved! And I'm saying this to help, not saying this because there should be such a working in that system. And there's a freakin housing shortage! Just allow people to build! It's easy to put a few planks togheter, it doesn't cost anything. There's a social class entirely missing! The hell with these retrograde right-wingers! It's always the same who get the grease, the charity organasitions and programs and plugged with the system and don't work either: it's always the same squeeky ones that get the grease. You need more affordable housing! Having mariage and children and keeping an heritage until the life expectancy of 90 y/o, having had those children at 20-30 y/o, is insanity! You went from 339 million people in America in 1950 to 1,054 millions in 2020! Such retrograde system with "traditional" values can't possibly work!


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This is the kind of clause that's in those court papers:
Right to be heard
If this demand is about an authorization about the care or alienation of a part of your body that you are refusing, the tribunal has to respect your refusal, unless it is required by the state of your health.
that psychiatrist looked like a maniac when admiting he could do such things and that I wouldn't be the first to whom he does this! edit: (I mean: still hallucinating airplanes buddy? That doesn't make you feel too good now does it? We might have a little treatment for that…)


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And here's another one:
Right to be heard
However, it (the tribunal) will not have to hear you if ... it is useless to do so because of your health state or if it is demonstrated that requiring your testimony can be harmful to your health or your security and that of others.
That explains why the judge was so disaproving and got agressive as in "don't, mention that" when I wanted to go thru the wholle story and describe the aircrafts themselves. I still more or less just speed talked the thing.