Democrats Goal: A One Party Communist system


Staff member
What is the long term goal of the Democrat party and main stream media? It is a one party system where other parties are met with violence. We are already seeing this today with acts of violence perpetrated against Trump supports.

It will be a gradual change, but eventually Democrats will get their way with the help of main stream media.

Our jobs will be in China,
Our cities will over ran with crime,
Guns will be banned,
Certain types of speech will be banned as hate speech,
Our history will be erased,
Free and fair elections will be erased as no other party will be accepted,
People who promote another party besides democrat will be met with violence, which is already happening,
Young people will be taught to hate our nation, history and culture.

Once democrats have taken control of the government and we have a one party system, the idea of freedom will be but a dream. I just hope somewhere down the road our descendants restore the republic. However, people in Russia and China still live in an oppressed state. Once communism is enacted it is almost impossible to overthrow. With main stream media controlling the minds of the people with lies maintaining a status quo should not be that difficult. We see examples of this today in states like California that lean hard to the left and communist democrats.

It appears no amount of crime or taxation is enough to make people vote for a second party. We have to ask, why do Democrats love misery, taxation, feces on the streets, inner city crime, corruption and crime? Or maybe those are the results of generations voting a single party into power decade after decade. If the examples listed earlier are not enough to make people turn their backs on the democrat party, when will they say enough is enough? How many drive by shootings have to happen to vote a democrat mayor out of office and replace that person with a different party? This leads to the question if the main stream media has brainwashed voters into believing republicians are worse than widespread gangs? If so, how did we reach this point.