Consider How Many Democrats were recently exposed as Pedophiles


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Seattle, WA Mayor Ed Murray, accused of molesting 5 children

Clayton, NY Mayor Dale Kenyon, indicted for sexual abusing a teenager repeatedly for 3 years

Stilwater, NY Mayor Rick Nelson,
arrested on child porn charges as well as decades of sexual misconduct with teenagers
and children as young as 5 including rape and sodomy

Randolph, Nebraska Mayor Dwayne Schutt,
repeatedly abusing a child for 4 years starting when the victim was 13

Warren, OH Mayor named Richard Keenan,
given a life-sentence after pleading guilty to raping a 4 year old
who he claimed was a “willing participant”

Winston, OR Mayor Kenneth Lewis Barrett,
arrested as part of a sex sting when he and 3 other men met with a 14 year old girl for sex

Dawson, GA Mayor Christopher Wright,
pled guilty to raping a 12 year old girl and forced her to perform oral sex on him -
but was let off without a prison sentence

Rockdale, TX Mayor Darral Gene Walker,
indicted for sexual misconduct involving touching a young boy’s genitals
which he claimed was for “purely educational reasons, not for sexual gratification.”

Yeah, and the list goes on.
There's honestly too many to count but here goes!

Indianapolis councilman Jeff Miller
was charged with 3 counts of child molestation under the age of 14.

Micah Rhodes, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, found guilty of statutory rape.

George Nader, a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe,
was charged with transporting a 14 year old boy for sex as well as possession of CP.

Former Vice President of Walt Disney Company, Michael Laney,
for 4 counts of sexual abuse of a 7 year old girl.



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Quite abating read and disillusionment. What you are reporting appalingly, are aggressive actual acts, rather than moral corruption of minors or pedophilia. Let's do a three part exegesis. First part: I think when there is an agressive figure, as with a wolf with it's tail up, and the rest with their tail down, the one with the tail up has a possibility to sexually assault whatever is at hand. A rooster does the same, almost always goes for the hen lowest in the hierarchy because it's the easiest. Yet the rooster protects the group from the outside and regulates the hens politically, cares about them and doesn't compete with them. Second part: others would rather engage in corruption of minors to various degrees, that is: to divert, turn away a minor, it is defined as the act of preventing a minor from remaining under the protection of the persons disposing of parental autority (which could generaly speaking be just a model), and this is a criminal offense if it's like a kidnaping or an assault, but also describes a deeper problem. I think this happens in repressed adults who turn away children from main outer development and involuntarily pose as the aim of such development to avoid competition or repression, so that the minor ends up having no choice due to either dependancy or confusion: sex and related social outgoing is not meant to be consciously aware of for important reasons at such ages. Such repressed arrangements, diversions, exacerbate compulsion/hysteria and perpetuate themselves: especially if the threat is still active. I think this is evident in societies that are either repressed or isolated from the outside. But such discussions are forbiden nowadays, barred like Adler's "the problem of homosexuality", which I found briliant, and note that such books as 'the races of evil" by R.Steiner are not only censored but barred from even the bibliographies, as are books by Treitschke for example. These problems are evident in so called patriarchal settings, and exacerbate the so called "castrating mother" problem, ironically borrowing a term from psychoanalysis; such situations end up being toxic or tragic, as the people involved are often pretty unconscious of what is happening and one dominates the other, and are anti-sexual, ironically the dominating figures often takes their "rights" for granted and can't conceive things otherwise because they perceive reality in an imbalanced or incomplete manner physiologically. That is why it is so sad that profound discussions don't happen anywhere, because problems are not that big or unsolvable and that indeed they cause physical ailments/collapse/underformation/alienation. I don't think ignorance is the answer. The mind is not the brain. Third part is pedophilia; I don't have anything to say about that, I don't think that is interesting, it's unspeakable. Some people loose their mind and become like monsters outside of themselves, but it's an entirely diferent problem and a case by case thing. Some guy was gargling toilet water at the library, some people eat the urinatory thing in public places, it's a biological thing, a failure to let go and trust that you are not in control of doing good, you're not the good God, it's not up to you to ward off evil, plus I think it's associated to sustained sexual destabilisation; there should be no intervention there or knowledge, and even such behaviour is more acceptable than psychiatry or outright violence, as they confirm such state and encourage it.