Colin Kaepernick Wears Kunta Kinte Shirt


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Why can't Colin Kaepernick leave race out the equation and just do his job? He is paid to entertain people, so just do your job.

Wearing a Kunta Kinte will probably not win him any fans.

Was Kunta Kinte even a real person, or just a fictional character from a novel? Even the wikipedia page has not addressed this issue after all these decades later. Haley said Kunta Kinte was based off a real person, but how do we know the events are accurate? Even Haley said Roots was a mix of fact and fiction.


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He should not have kneeled like he did , he is a traitor to our country. I would love to drag his ass behind my truck by a rope. I dont care if he is wearing Nike, slave garments or a turban.